Voodoo Sound Club sul palco del CISIM

Venerdì 25 Aprile i Voodoo Sound Club saliranno sul palco del CISIM per presentare il loro lavoro Mamy Wata.

Nella stessa serata suonerà anche Giacomo Toni e Novecento Band a presentare il suo Musica per Autoambulanze.

Appuntamento imperdibile!

Voodoo Sound Club at CISIM


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  1. – Laura,I just wanted you to know that I love your work and I LOVE Wall Art Wednesday! It inspires and stretches me so much. I am always sending clients links to your wall art displays, so I’m spreading your sight and your work all around my corner of the world in Greenville, South Carolina. Keep ‘em coming, plle!es!!Ashaey

  2. Il y a aussi une autre raison Ulysse mais ne le dis pas aux autres: en forçant un peu le trait, je cherche aussi à faire peur aux vrais supporteurs de Roger. Cela permet de discerner les autres et d’établir des listes de suspects et de traîtres pour l’épuration lorsque la Grande Prophétie se sera réalisée et que je dirigerai alors l’Ordre du Temple Vert.

  3. I put Liskamm because it’s in the Pennine Alps. Makes since to me. Liskamm ends in double letters and the word Penn is the clue word. This answer makes more since than any of the others. What do you think Matt

  4. Haha! I’m a to-do list person too! I have to limit myself to only six things per day or I get overwhelmed and end up spending the day attached to the couch watching movies. I don’t know what my malfunction is. When I have to much to do, I bury my head in the sand.

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